What does British Citizenship mean to you?

British citizenship

What does British Citizenship mean to you?

We asked several foreign-born citizens the question, “What does British Citizenship mean to you?” Such a loaded a question for many people, at least that is what it seemed like from the responses we received. This question seemed to bring up a lot of emotion from every person we asked. Each person has their own touching story about where they come from and why they decided to immigrate to the UK. For some people, their native country had some civil unrest so they decided to move to the UK for peace and freedom. For whatever the reasons, many immigrants have decided to settle in Britain and make it their permanent home. In the process many did everything they needed to do to obtain their British Citizenship. Here’s what people had to say when we asked them, “What does British Citizenship mean to you?

Kalesh, India:
Well, I feel very fortunate to be a citizen of this country. I came here on my own when I was 20 years old. I wanted a different life. I feel like I can have exactly the life I want here. I do also like to travel to India once or twice a year to visit my family and some friends. I was a permanent resident for many years which gave me some freedoms but I made it my number one mission to get my citizenship as soon as possible. Now that I am a citizen, I feel free. I have all the rights and freedoms as anyone else. I felt on top of the world the day I said the oath and became a citizen of this country. So to me having my British Citizenship equals freedom.

Chun, China:
I have been living in Britain for many years. Finally I now have my citizenship. You need to speak good English to become citizen. I needed to feel like this was my home forever. In order to feel this way, I knew that it was very important to be a citizen. I studied English for 2 years and it was good enough for the requirements. I am so happy to be able to speak English now. I feel more involved in the English speaking community. I feel more connected now to the people and the country. It is home. So in couple words, I say that British citizenship makes me feel at home and more connected to the people of this country!

These are just a couple of the responses that we gathered from the many people we interviewed. As you can see, having British citizenship means a lot to many people; peace, freedom, home, feeling connected to the community….What does British Citizenship mean to you? We would like to hear from you.

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  1. Jennifer Symonds says:

    I’m already a British citizen, (born in Scotland of English parents who only left these shore for holidays or in the case of my father to fly a Pathfinder in WW2). I took your sample test & scored only 67%, (some of the correct answers I ticked were lucky guesses!!) I assume had i been looking for work over here or I was an asylum seeker I’d be bunged on the 1st available flight out???!! This is a ridiculous test since I’m sure if you were to extend it to EVERYONE in the country regardless of where they were from or how far back they could trace their “British” ancestry I fancy the ones who’d do best would be those to whom this silly test was originally aimed, ( they’d have already “mugged up” for it anyway.) I suggest you do extend it to include EVERYONE & just see how well we ALL do ……!!??!

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