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British citizenship application for children is 22 times more costly than Germany

British citizenship passport
The cost of British citizenship for children has skyrocketed by more than 150% in 7 years, from £386 in 2010 to £973 as of January 2018. The government is under pressure over this as a large number of young people marched on Westminster to protest against the high fees, which make it impossibl

European Union citizens run for British citizenship before Brexit vote

British citizenship passport
An increased number of British citizenship applications are being submitted right now by European Nationals worrying that Britain voting to leave the European Union (also called “Brexit”) would threaten their status in the UK. If the UK does leave the European Union, EU citizens could loose thei

What does British Citizenship mean to you?

British citizenship
What does British Citizenship mean to you? We asked several foreign-born citizens the question, “What does British Citizenship mean to you?” Such a loaded a question for many people, at least that is what it seemed like from the responses we received. This question seemed to bring up a lot of
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