Life in the UK Test – What happens if you fail it?

Life in the UK test

If you fail the Life in the UK Test you can take it again.  You can take the test over and over again until you pass.  But each attempt at passing the test does cost you time and money. You can still live in the United Kingdom even if you fail the test until your Leave to Remain expires.

If you decide to take the Life in the UK Test over again:

• You will have to go through the same process over again, register and pay for the test, study, and finally take the test again on the scheduled day.

• Each attempt to pass the test costs £50.

• The earliest test you can take is seven days from when you book your test.

• You can change the time and date of your test up to seven days before your test and you will not have to pay the fee again.  Be sure that you have nothing scheduled on your test day so that you have plenty of time to take your test.

• Make sure that you come to the test with the exact same ID that you registered with.  If the details on your ID don’t match identically the details you entered on your registration then you will not be able to take your test and your test fee will not be refunded. This ID that you bring must be an original document (no photocopies will be accepted).  And make sure you also bring proof of your postcode to your test, and that it matches exactly the information that you entered on your registration.  Without this proof you will not be able to take your test and your fee will not be refunded.

How to increase your chances of passing the Life in the UK Test a second time?

• Read your notification letter to know which questions you answered incorrectly.  Look through the official handbook to find the correct answers and take notes to memorise in case you come across the same questions on the next test.

• If you feel that a big reason you failed the test is because you don’t have a good grasp on the English language, then attend ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and British citizenship classes.  This will help you improve your English language skills so that you can better memorise and understand the information in the handbook.

• Take practice tests. Practice tests will test your knowledge and understanding of the handbook.  You can find these tests online.  We have a Complete Online Training Program for the new Life in the UK Test.  Our training program provides practice tests that are presented in the exact same look and format as the official test.  You will become skilled at choosing the correct answer from a variety of similar answers, just like in the official test. Our practice tests cover the entire content of the official handbook  and enable you to efficiently memorise all the official handbook information.

So, as you know, the test is very challenging.  It is important to feel confident and well prepared on your official test day.  We believe that if you follow our recommendations, you will maximise your chances of passing the Life in the UK Test. We wish you the best of luck!

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  1. Hi
    Day before fifth time I failed life in the Uk test ,don’t know what I should do,is there any other way to apply for citizenship please.
    My husband is English so he is British and I’m working with NHS ,also had some qualifications in Uk .

    1. Hello again I took my test today and did not past. Because I was studying from only one book now I released the is a 3rd wich work with another t.s.o so I can I get some time to. Studying before taking the test again. So I will be able to get it right before.THANKS IN ADVANCE

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