Life in the UK test – How to prepare for it?

Life in the UK test

Life in the UK test material

The Life in the UK test is based on the government handbook called Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition). Test questions will be drawn from this handbook, so you must read it before you take the test. This handbook has 5 chapters:

Chapter 1 – The Values and Principles of the UK
Chapter 2 – What is the UK?
Chapter 3 – A Long and Illustrious History
Chapter 4 – A Modern, Thriving Society
Chapter 5 – The UK Government, the Law and Your Role

You can be tested on any facts contained in these 5 chapters. No one can predict which questions you will have in your test, so it is best to try to learn all the content of those chapters. The official government-issued handbook is 180 pages long and has a lot of facts and dates to memorise. But there are efficient ways to prepare for your test.

Life in the UK test preparation – step 1

It is a good idea to read the 5 chapters once, without making any effort to memorise anything. You just want to give yourself a general idea of the content.

Life in the UK test preparation – step 2

The handbook has so many facts to memorise, it can be overwhelming. So we found that the most efficient way to learn the content of the handbook is to do so chapter by chapter.
Start by reading chapter 1 (The Values and Principles of the UK), then take the corresponding chapter 1 practice test. A chapter test offers the same multiple choice format as the official Life in the UK test, but is specific to a chapter, i.e. it only draws questions from the chapter content. Chapter tests can be found in our Life in the UK Test Practice Package, and you can also try our free Life in the UK chapter test (for chapter 3) to see for yourself. A chapter test allows you to memorise the content of the chapter at you own pace, since you can choose the number of questions for each test and the tests are not timed. Once you are confident with your knowledge of chapter 1, repeat the process with chapter 2, and so on.

Life in the UK test preparation – step 3

Now that you are knowledgeable on all chapters, you can take simulation tests. A simulation test is the exact replica (same format, same look) as the official test. Simulation tests are timed (45 minutes) and present questions from all chapters, just like in the real test. Simulation tests can be found in our Life in the UK Test Practice Package, and you can also try our free Life on the UK simulation test to see for yourself.

We wish you the best for your Life in the UK test!

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34 replies on “Life in the UK test – How to prepare for it?”

  1. My brother has passed his life in the UK test and I also booked my test in 16/10/2014. I am getting stress because I don’t know which tests I should practice many time chapter test or simulation test.

    1. You should practice with chapter tests to learn the content of the study guide, then do as many simulation tests as you can to get used to the official test format. Good luck!

  2. I bought this chapter test for me and my brother about 10 days ago. My brother has booked his exam in 02/10/2014. But he hasn’t finished all the questions he is very anxious about his exam what should he do now. He has got only 2 days left.

  3. Hi I would like to know what’s best reading the whole hand book or just doing practise questions online

  4. Hello, I did the listening and speaking test and passed before i came in 2012. Do I still need the listening and speaking test?

  5. Hi, A friend of mine did this test in 2007 and has kindly offered to lend me her book to study from. My concern is that it might be out-dated for the questions that are being asked for the current test. Is it better to buy the most recent book or will the old book published in 2007 be sufficient? Many thanks.

    1. Don’t use the old book, as the new version (3rd edition) is quite different. Our training program includes the newest version (text and audio). Good luck!

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