Life in the UK Test – How to tackle this multiple-choice test?

Life in the UK test be prepared

Be prepared on the day of your Life in the UK test

To prepare you brain for optimum performance, do the following: Make sure that you have had a good night’s sleep the day before your test. Eat healthy, well balance meals, avoid consuming sugar, caffeine or chocolate. These foods are stimulants and mess with your blood sugar, making it very difficult to think clearly.

Go for a walk in the morning before the test to help calm your nerves, and clear your mind. Also, avoid interacting with negative or nervous people. Anxiety is highly contagious. It is important to be as calm as possible to help you think clearly and feel relaxed and confident when you take your test. This will help you achieve the best results possible.

Strategies to follow during the Life in the UK Test

It is very important to manage your time well while you are taking the test. This will make you feel less pressured and stressed. You need to give yourself as much time as possible in order to answer the more difficult questions. In order to do this, we suggest that you go through the entire test and only answer the easier questions first. Even on the easy questions, make sure you read through all the possible answers before selecting your answer. Don’t rush. In this multiple-choice test the answers can all be quite similar which can be tricky and confusing. Once you have read through all the possible answers, you can then select your answer with absolute confidence.

After answering all the easy questions, take a moment to pause. Assess how you are feeling. If you still feel nervous and stressed, then take a small break. Take a deep breath and do a little stretch in your chair. Remember you have already answered most of the questions on the test, assuming you have studied enough before your test. You only need to answer 75% of the questions correctly, so now any difficult question you answer correctly will be a bonus.

Now it is time to tackle the most difficult questions. Read over all the possible answers first and eliminate any of the answers that you know are incorrect. Out of the remaining possible answers, which answer seems like the right one? Think back to which answer you initially thought to be the correct one, and select that answer. If you never had a first instinct on an answer then just make just make a guess.

Chances are, if you use this strategy, you will pass your test. We wish you success on your Life in the UK test!

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28 Comments » for Life in the UK Test – How to tackle this multiple-choice test?
  1. mukisa kazadi ngoie says:

    I could like to start leaning test now

  2. Raja Ashiq Hussain says:

    i like this test its very ezy

  3. okan says:

    hi i want to ask question why u dont make to 3 th chapeter 71 question like first chapter if u make like that 10 part easy for us to work in chapter
    in chapter 3 987 question to hard like that

  4. Neftum P says:

    I’m having a hard time with the years and birth dates of the athletes etc… I’m losing hope dunno what to do.. Confused. 🙁

    • admin says:

      The chances of being asked these birth/death dates questions seem pretty low, based on our customers’ feedback, so you shouldn’t worry too much about them.

  5. reshtina says:

    i am still practising the test and my exam will be on next monday!!!! so i am really struggling with birth/death dates and so much to prepare!!!!!!i have managed to score stimulation test to 71% only

    • admin says:

      Don’t worry too much about these birth/death dates. Your chances of getting these questions are pretty low. Good luck!

  6. josin gittens says:

    i did not have much time to do my test because i was ms lead and i am trying to pratice the online tests is it going be enough to help to past my life in uk test

  7. essa says:

    i have chapter question forward or back problem

  8. Rabiaa says:

    I booked my test in two weeks and I haven’t read a book or prepare . I am so worried to fail because there are a lot of facts, numbers, names …that I have to remember and two weeks will not be enough to read the book and practise.i want just practise on your website , so what do u think. Do u have any ideas that will help me to prepare well and be ready by two weeks ? Please help me . Cheers

    • admin says:

      If you practice everyday for a few hours (as much as you can), you should be fine. Do all our chapter tests, then do some simulation tests to help you be familiar with the test format and timing. You should also use our timeline to help remember the dates. Good luck!

  9. deli says:

    I’ve been studying and doing the practice questions a few times, nearly every time I get more than 81 or 85% what are my chances for the big day? I havent booked it yet as I dont want to fail the first time, but the more I read about it, the more nervous I get

    • admin says:

      Hello Deli. It looks like you should be fine. Our training is pretty intensive and covers all the material, so yes you should be fine. Good luck!!

  10. Dhruvi says:

    Hi how can I contact you for my confirmation any name ya contact number available or not? And it available so plz give me a number so I’ll talk to u team plz

  11. Sarah says:

    my biggest challenge is with the chapter 3 questions. i have purchased ur package and I have practised every single question but it is just a lot of facts to remember. anay advise? I have done the test before and failed because of questions on this chapter

    • admin says:

      Yes there is an awful lot of information to remember. The best thing is still to practice as much as you can. Good luck!

  12. edith mabhena says:

    I would like to practise on line, are all the questions available on line or do I need to purchase the hand book

  13. john ouma ochiel says:

    how to i get the online app

    • admin says:

      We don’t have an app, instead we offer a mobile version of our training program. If you type our URL ukcitizenshipsupport.com, this mobile version will come up automatically.

  14. Jyoti says:

    My question is I did all the chapter tests but when now I am doing stimulation tests but it seems like I have forgotten everything already. Is that OK if I only practice stimulation tests.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jyoti. The Chapter Tests help you to focus one one chapter only, this is for learning purposes. The Simulation Tests have the same questions database, they just take questions from every chapters, so yes it is ok to just do the simulation tests if you want. Good luck!

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