Life in the UK test – Understanding the process

Life in the UK test

The Life in the UK Test that is compulsory for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) in the UK or for British citizenship. You’ll need to pass this test before you send in your citizenship application form

Criteria for taking the Life in the UK test

You have to take the test if:
– You are applying for British citizenship or for settlement
– Your English level is at least ESOL Entry Level 3 (for Scotland: at least Intermediate level 1)
For more information on ESOL: click here

Cost of the Life in the UK test

The test costs £50. If you fail the test, you have to pay £50 every time you re-apply.

Format of the Life in the UK test

The test is computer-based. You have to answer 24 questions within 45 minutes. All questions are multiple choices, meaning that you have to select the right answer(s) within a selection of different possible answers.

The test is in English. But if you are in Wales, you may ask to take the test in Welsh, or if you are in Scotland, you may ask to take the test in Scottish Gaelic.

Life in the UK test study material

The test is based on the handbook Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents (3rd Edition). You can either buy the book alone at the Stationery Office for £12.99, or you can sign up for our Complete Online Life in the UK Test Practice Package which includes a reproduction of this handbook (text and audio format).

The handbook has 5 chapters in total. You will only be tested on all chapters.

Life in the UK test booking procedure

You can only book and pay for your test online. Before booking your actual test, you will need to register for an account (always double-check that you enter accurate personal details). You only can book a test for yourself. You can take a test that is 7 days or more from when you book your test.
Book your test here

There are about 60 testing centres around the UK where you can also improve your computer or language skills. When you book your test, you will be given the location and direction of the closest test centres to you.

Life in the UK test rules

Before taking the test, you will be asked to present an original photo ID. If you don’t do so, you won’t be able to take the test and you won’t get a refund.

At the end of your test, the test supervisor will tell you if you have passed or failed the test. If you pass the test, you will be given a notification letter that you will have to sign before leaving the test centre.

Preparing for the Life in the UK test

If you need help preparing for your test, we offer a complete online training program, click here for more information.

Prepare for your Life in the UK Test

Learn more about our Complete Online Training Program

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  1. I have passed the test 3 weeks before. Still waiting for the certificate how long it will take to receive the certificate.

  2. Hi
    My husband passed the test in 2008 but lost the certificate. He booked it again and failed it. Can u tell me if the informations of the failed candidates will be sent to the home office. If not he still has the chance to say he has passed it in the application does he?

  3. Hi,
    I am Duha,
    could you help me, last week in December I did life in the UK exam
    but unfortunately I didn’t pass my exam life in the UK test.
    I have a question about during the exam on the computer it has one option ‘FLAG’
    how can i use it? please explain me.

  4. Hi! I am wondering that how long does life in the UK test result valid? If I passed it now, will it expire after some time? Thanks!

    1. Your Life in the UK test should not expire. Please confirm with the Life in the UK test helpline at 0800 0154245 (Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.). Good luck!

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