New Life in the UK Test (3rd edition) – what you need to know

New Life in the UK test

Since 25 March 2013, people seeking permanent residence in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen have had to pass a new updated Life in the UK test.

The new test is based on a new revised handbook called Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition). The new handbook has been updated to give people a more accurate image of life in the UK, with a greater focus on British culture and history.

The first chapter talks about the values and principles of the UK and how to become a permanent resident or citizen of the UK.

The second chapter, called What is the UK?, is a very short one describing the different countries that make up the UK.

The third chapter called A Long and Illustrious History is by far the longest chapter in this new handbook. The previous test did not cover very much of the UK history. But this new chapter covers the entire UK history from the Stone Age to the 2010 coalition government. It describes in details, for example, the Middle Ages, The Tudors and Stuarts period, and the First and Second World War. Most of the Kings and Queens of Britain are talked about, and special descriptions have been written about prominent British figures such as William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher. This chapter also describes the main wars that Britain has been involved in over the centuries, from the battles against the Vikings to the latest conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here is the chapter content:

• Early Britain
• The Middle Ages
• The Tudors and Stuarts
• A global power
• The 20th century
• Britain since 1945

The fourth chapter, called A Modern, Thriving Society, describes the UK today with the following chapter content:

• The UK today
• Religion
• Customs and tradition
• Sport
• Arts and culture
• Leisure
• Places of interest

The last chapter, called The UK Government, the Law and Your Role, gives information on government, democracy, the legal system and how people can contribute to their community. In this chapter, a great emphasis is given on the responsibilities as well as privileges of living in the UK. The chapter content is as follow:

• The development of British democracy
• The British constitution
• The government
• The UK and international institutions
• Respecting the law
• Fundamental principles
• Your role in the community

The new handbook testable content (which is the whole book except the glossary) is about 11,500 words longer than the previous handbook testable content. In addition, this new handbook has now about 210 dates to remember (as opposed to only about 30 for the previous handbook). So the new handbook has much more information to learn.

Like the old Life in the UK test, the new test consists of 24 multiple-choice questions that you will have to answer in 45 minutes.

Good luck to you all!

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177 replies on “New Life in the UK Test (3rd edition) – what you need to know”

  1. Hi,
    I have pass my english entry 3 level in 2012. I am planning to apply for British Citizenship next month. On gov.uk website says you need to prove your knowledge of english by having entry 3 or higher but I’m not sure if my certification is valid till date? Is it true that level B1 is equal to entry 3.? Also I have 2013 3rd edition book to study not sure if it’s more or less the same from 2014 or 2015 version? Thanks.

    1. We are not sure about your English requirements, it is best if you contact the Home Office directly. The study book has been updated, so you need to buy a new one. In our training program, we include this new updated book. Good luck!

  2. Hi I have Life in the uk 2013 book and I want to do the test this year.Do I need to buy the new undated ‘Life in the UK’ book 2015 one.Please let me know and also is it online practice test is helpful?

    1. A third edition of this book has been released in 2014, so your 2013 book is outdated. Our online training program is very useful in preparing you for the test and we include the new updated study guide. Good luck!

  3. I have been practising with the life in uk test 2015 3rd edition but my test is after September 15th.I just want to know if the life in uk test 2015 3rd edition will still be valid by then or will there be changes.thanks.

      1. Could you let me know its ok if I read the 2nd edition 2007 life in the UK book to prepare for the tast or I should buy the new book.please I really need to know.

        1. You have to use the 2014 3rd edition to prepare for your test. Our training program includes this latest version. Good luck!

  4. Does it matter what handbook you use, as I’ve bought the 2015 3rd edition, but my email from the test centre advised 2013 3rd edition?

    1. They are both basically the same, except they revised a little bit chapter 1 for the 2015 version, so you are good with the book you bought.

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