Free Life In The UK Test Practice

Free Chapter Test

The official test handbook “Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents, 3rd edition” has five chapters that present plenty of dates and facts. According to the UK government, you may be tested on any part of these chapters, so it is necessary to learn all of them.

Based on our customers’ feedback, we know that the best way to commit to memory the Life in the UK Test handbook information is one chapter at a time. So we provide, in our online training program, what we call “Chapter Tests.” A Chapter Test is much the same as the official Life in the UK Test, but particular to a chapter. Read the chapter a few times, then take the corresponding Chapter Tests, as much as you need, until you achieve excellent test scores. You repeat the process for the succeeding chapters.

Here you can try for free one of our Chapter Tests. Our Complete Online Training Program will train you on every chapter, at your own pace, with full test scores, detailed explanations, and Chapter Tests stats review.

This Free Chapter Test allows you to attempt 24 questions from Chapter 3: A Long and Illustrious History of the official handbook.

Free Simulation Test

Our Simulation Tests reproduce the exact format of the official Life in the UK test. They pick questions from all chapters, and they are timed.

Here you can try for free one of our Simulation Tests. Our Complete Online Training Program provides unlimited Simulation Tests, with full test scores, explanations in detail, and Simulation Tests progress report.

This is a simulation of the official Life in the UK Test. The same look and format as the official test.

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