Life in the UK test – Real tips from people who passed the test

Life in the UK test tips

We have received a lot of great tips and advise from our customers that have passed their Life in the UK Test. If you are feeling very nervous about sitting your test, then you are in the same boat as many other people. The old test had a pass rate of 30%. The new test has far more facts to memorise and is possibly even harder to pass than the old test. No wonder you are feeling nervous. Not only that, it is your citizenship test which is an extremely important test to pass. It’s also a test you want to pass in your first attempt or it will cost you a lot of extra time, hassle and money. Here are some tips from our customers to help you pass your test.

1) Read the Life in the UK test handbook

“I must say the test was easier than expected but, as it covers the entire book, my piece of advice is: study, study, study the entire book, including the pictures’ captions!”
It is important to read the entire handbook at least once. Make sure that you read over the “check that you understand” sections at the end of each chapter, as it will emphasise what you need to know and understand per section. Questions can be asked from anywhere in the handbook, so it is important to memorise all the information, including the picture captions.

2) Listen to the Life in the UK test handbook

Our training program makes it possible for you to study the handbook while you’re on the go. Also, some people have a hard time reading English, so they find it easier to listen to the audio version of the handbook.
“I’m not a good reader so the feature in which the handbook is read out to you really helps.”
“I downloaded the MP3 version of the handbook and could listen to it in my car, iPod and at home.”

3) Don’t rush through the Life in the UK test questions

You have 45 minutes to answer 24 questions, so you don’t need to rush through the questions. We recommend that you first read through all the questions and answers and only answer the questions you are 100% sure you know the answer(s) to. Then take your time on the remaining questions. Read over each answer carefully before making your selection. If you have no idea what the answer(s) to a question is then make your best guess. Remember, you can afford to get a few incorrect answers. You only need 75% to pass. So, follow this approach, slow yourself down and take your time to achieve the best results.

4) Life in the UK practice tests will help you memorise the handbook information

“The practice tests made it possible for me to memorise all the handbook information – including a significant amount of historical dates as required for the Life in the UK test.”
The practice tests in our online training program include chapter tests and simulation tests. Chapter test questions are asked in the exact order of the information in the handbook and cover the entire handbook information. This will help you efficiently learn and review the handbook information one chapter at a time.
“The chapter tests were as good as reading the book because they covered all the details. Sometimes it was sentence by sentence and this proved to be very good for revision.”

The simulation test questions are the same questions that are asked in the chapter tests but are presented in the same look and format as the official test, and are asked in random order, just like in the official test. This will help you get used to the official test format and is a key tool in helping you feel confident and prepared on your test day.
“The simulation tests, and to be able to take them in the style and format of the official test, was key for my ultimate readiness.”

5) Life in the UK online training makes the real test seem very easy

Our online training program is highly recommended by our customers. After using our training, people feel totally confident and prepared to take their test. Based on our customers’ feedback, our training makes taking the real test seem easy and effortless.

“I took the test yesterday and passed with full marks. The online tests I took really prepared me for the actual test and after doing your online tests, I found the actual test easy and passed with out any effort.”

We hope this information helps you in your preparation for the Life in the UK Test. Take a look at our Life in the UK Test – Complete Online Training Program!

Good luck on your test!

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  1. I have booked my test for the 19th February 2016, I have read the book and listened to the audio and done a few practice test papers online, but am battling to pass them and remember all the information in the book, If I buy this study programme will I have enough time to use it? as I am in a full time job and will only be able to study at night? I am very stressed about this test!


    1. The 2015 book is basically the same as the 2013 book (3rd edition), so yes we have have questions that cover all the study material.

  2. I’ve got my test in 3 weeks I’m doing mock test online do u think I’m doing the right thing by doing the free online mock test are they any good

    1. Based on our customers’ testimonials, the free mock tests are not as complete as our training program. That is why we charge a premium. You could be fine with just the free ones, but better be more prepared than not enough!

  3. I’m preparing for life in uk test for the end of the month.
    I just don’t understand why we need to know that much of old history on UK when even the people are British themselves don’t know the answers…frustrating in same time as trying to learn doesn’t help at all !!!

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