Applicants found cheating on their Life in the UK Test

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A recent BBC investigation has discovered people cheating on their Life in the UK test.

At some training academies throughout the UK, gangs offer applicants a two-way earpiece connected via Bluetooth to a hidden mobile phone. The criminals can hear the questions and relay the answers through the earpiece.

In the investigation, a BBC undercover researcher was given the earpiece and sat the test receiving the answers covertly from the criminal.

The Life in the UK Test is required for people to take that are wanting to apply for United Kingdom citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain. Its purpose is to prove that the applicant has sufficient knowledge of UK culture and values and proficiency in the English language.

During the investigation, a BBC researcher interviewed some individuals that had cheated on their exam. It seems that many people had become more anxious about passing the mandatory test as uncertainty mounted over citizenship rights post-Brexit. As a result, applications for citizenship rose significantly over the last year and so did rates of people cheating on their Life in the UK test.

The test itself is multiple choice and computer-based. The applicant is given 45 minutes to answer at least 75% correct answers (at least 18 correct answers out of 24). The test is based on the material in the handbook called: Life in the UK – A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition) which contains 180 pages, full of facts and dates to memorize. The Life in the UK test has a failure rate of approximately 35%.

Many people especially ones that speak English as a second language find it daunting to learn all the information in the handbook. For foreign nationals wanting to become citizens, it is mandatory to pass this test. So with the high failure rate and uncertainty post-Bexit, it seems some are willing to take the risk and financial hit to cheat the test. Criminals charge up to £2000 to help applicants cheat and guarantee a passing grade.

The UK Home Office takes cheating extremely seriously. The administration of the Life in the UK tests is outsourced by the UK government, with over 30 testing centres in the UK. The Home Office said that test centres were required to put in place stringent procedures to prevent cheating, including searches of candidates to make sure that no electronic devices enter the test room. “Unannounced visits” are also carried out to oversee these processes. However, the BBC’s undercover researcher was not searched nor told to hand over any electronic devices. He sat the test, giving the answers provided to him by the criminal, and shortly after finishing he had received the pass certificate required to apply for citizenship and a UK passport.

How to pass the Life in the UK Test with peace of mind and without cheating

Desperation and panic can lead people to do the wrong thing such as cheating on their Life in the UK test.

There is no need to take the risk and financial hit (up to £2000) to try to cheat the test.

To pass the Life in the UK test applicants are required to learn all information in the handbook: Life in the UK – A guide for New Residents (3rd edition).

The number one way to prepare for the test and pass it is to find an excellent online training program that will help test one’s knowledge and understanding of the handbook through practice tests. A program that offers a translation tool which translates all practice questions and answers will help ESL people to understand all the test vocabulary.

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