New Life in the UK test – What happens after I take it?

New Life in the UK test

After taking the Life in the UK Test, your test supervisor will tell you whether you passed or failed.  The pass mark is 75% or 18 questions correct out of 24.

After I pass the Life in the UK test

So, if you passed the test, your test supervisor will give you a pass notification letter, which you will be required to sign before leaving the test center.  The letter contains a lot of important information including a unique ID number.  The home office keeps the information it receives from the test centers for  a decent period of time.  Although it is highly recommended to submit your application for permanent residence or naturalization as a British citizen shortly after taking the test. When you complete your application, you should attach your notification letter and send both forms to the Home Office. If you pass the test, you will need to provide any further evidence of you language skills

Make sure that you do not lose your notification letter or you will not receive a new one.  If you do lose it then you may have to take the test again.  You will have to pay the fee again as well.

Beyond the Life in the UK test: applying for British Citizenship or Permanent residency

Passing the test is only a small part of the process in acquiring citizenship. We recommend that you check www.gov.uk or the home office website to tell you everything that you need to know.
There are 3 different ways to apply for British citizenship.  You can apply through the National Checking Service (NCS), through an agent or representative, or by individual applications.

Many people find it very helpful to apply through the National Checking Service (NCS), which is provided by local authorities (for example your county council or city council).  It will give you peace of mind as they do a great service.  They will ensure that your form is completed correctly and validly submitted.  There are many advantages to using their service, for example you can keep your documents, i.e. passport.  That sure beats having to send these important documents in the mail and wait for an unknown period before getting them back!  There tends to be a higher application success rate when using this service. We recommend checking http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/britishcitizenship/applying/checkingservice/ for thorough information.

If you passed the Life in the UK Test, then you have made a huge step forward in the process of obtaining British Citizenship.  We wish you all the best in your journey of becoming a British citizen!

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